The course Skydiving AFF

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The course Skydiving AFF

The course Skydiving AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is undoubtedly the best and safest way to approach the Flight in Freefall. With the technique of the AFF course you learn the basics of safety, you learn to control your body during the free fall and fly with a parachute, landing gently in the predetermined area.

Preparation is always personalized and normally includes a part of the theory of life of 6.8 hours and a practical part in which you exercise in the exercises to perform to achieve the objectives of each launch. After preparing the ground has been prepared for the first launch.

The course includes 7 launches, which correspond to seven levels of learning during which he is accompanied by two flight instructors in the first 4 levels, then only one instructor for 5th and 6th level and finally the first real breakthrough in complete autonomy, but always under the supervision of instructors.

Instructors provide assistance and education both during ground that during the free fall, until the opening of the parachute at 1500 meters, and continue their work of education following the student radio until landing and return to hangar.

Each launch is video taken is to allow better assessment of the exercises and be able to understand and how to improve, that to have a wonderful memory of these unforgettable moments.

After overcoming the 7th level will have acquired the knowledge necessary and sufficient to have fun in safety and is able to perform exercises in free fall and complete the maneuvers for a correct approach to the landing area in total autonomy, so as to acquire the ‘approval to launch into independence at any skydiving center in the world.





The student jumps from 4000 meters with 2 instructors that hold it firmly in the socket. During the free fall run “exercises” on altitude control and false handles. It maintains stability and awareness of the share. If the student flies in the correct position, the JM secondary pulls the plug and moves in front of the student while the student maintains primary with only hold on thigh. At 1700 meters marks the end of work and 1500 meters pulls the handle opening.



The student then blows the plane with two instructors that hold it firmly in the socket. Share and control “exercises” of false handles and flight attitude. If the student flies in the correct position both JM taking off and flying remote socket. Reporting to 1700 meters and opening to 1500.



Output even with the instructors to lead, control and share false handles. If the student flies in the correct position both JM pull the plug. The student performs “exercises” with the technique of turns for short trips. Reporting to 1700 meters and opening to 1500.



Exit back or looping, followed by two JM, NOT engaged. Recovery stability and horizontal flight. Control portion and handle false. “Exercises” control and arrest of laps, running speeds of 360 degrees.Reporting to 1700 meters and opening to 1500.



Output of the back or with looping, followed by a JM, NOT in the socket. Controlling stake, false handle.”Exercises” of revolutions of 360 degrees and / or looping (at). Reporting to 1700 meters and opening to 1500.



Output with a JM, not in the socket. Controlling stake, false handle. “Exercises” looping, turn 360 degrees and drift (at). Reporting to 1700 meters and opening to 1500.



The student jumps autonomously flying for the first time alone in a free fall, always under the control and supervision of instructors.