Bungee Jumping Lebanon – Skydive Lebanon

Lebanese Phoenix Est

Lebanese Phoenix East is a Lebanese company specialized in Extreme Sports such as Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving, established in 2015 with 10+ Years of experience in Kuwait with the Finnish Sky Breakers Team.

Bungee Jumping Lebanon

Bungee Jumping Lebanon

Our first bungee jumping was held in Ein Mraiseh in June 2015 with more than 500 participant.

Follow this link  to see some photos: http://www.lebanesephoenix.com/bungee-jumping-event-ein-mraiseh-june-2015/

Our second bungee jumping is coming in August 14 – 15 -16 2015 at Ein Mraiseh in Beirut, for more information please follow this link : http://www.lebanesephoenix.com/bungee-jumping/

This is what you missed!

Skydive Lebanon


Skydive Lebanon September 2015
13000 feet high
Plane Aircraft PA32
Solo jump parachute and packing included
Tandem Jump with DG Video and Photos with packing
Jump hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm(daily)
Location Hamat Airport (North Lebanon)
Note : AFF Courses available
Info and Reservations:
+961 76 088 127
+961 81 631 823



Here are some videos of the Flygang Skydiving Team


Human Catapult

The Human Catapult is a booster seat that shoots a person into the sky up to a height of 70 meters and at a speed exceeding 100km/h, it is coming soon to Lebanon organized by Lebanese Phoenix Est and Skybreakers Team.

This is a sample of the Human Catapult in Finland organized by SkyBreakers